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Catalogue and Ordering Information

Go West Music

Music Publishing

Please order music from your favourite music retailer or if you would like to order direct from Go West Music, please check the appropriate box(es) below with the number of copies required, fill in your name and contact details and press Submit.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Flexible Quartets - $28.60 each title
Rockin’ Time
Woofers Revenge
Bring Back The 50s
A Little More Blues
Razzle Dazzle
Centre Bounce
Clowning Around
Mr Blues
All At Sea
Lightly Latin
Celebration Fanfare
Bugsy and Sam
Joshua's Battle

Flexible Percussion Ensembles
Counting Trick $11.00
Time Out $12.10
Tap $12.10
Cookin’ $13.20
Can It $17.60

Rock, Blues and Jazz
Piano Solos $16.50

A Little Off Beat
Piano Solos $16.50
Another Old Rocker $17.75

Toccata (in Dm)
Easy Piano $7.70

Incredibly Flexible Class Band Series
Published by Brolga Music
$55.00 each (set of two)
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Drum Kit Packs - $8.80 each pack
The Rock Drummers Pack
The Blues Drummers Pack
The Jazz Drummers Pack
The Funk Drummers Pack
The Latin Drummers Pack


The following compositions by Brian West are published by BROLGA MUSIC and may be ordered through your favourite music retailer or direct from Go West Music.

Average rec. retail price for Concert Band music - $90.00-$120.00

Young Concert Band
Level 1 (elementary)
Bunyip Blues
The Spook
Quiet Moments
City Life
Level 1.5 (young band)
Level 2 (young band)
Crocodile Cakewalk
No More Blues
Bavarian B-B-Q
Sandy Bay March
Gum Leaf Rag
Skeleton Dance
Clowning Around
Level 2.5 (young band)
Silent Movie

Elementary Orchestra
The Spook (Level 1)

Young Orchestra
Rum-Bah (Level 2)

A CD of band pieces listed above is available on request.

Incredibly Useful Ensemble Series
All titles in the Incredibly Useful Ensemble Series are designed to work with as few as four to as many as four thousand players.

The first and second parts are doubled at the octave higher to enable the settings to be utilised as full band or orchestra pieces. Each set offers two ensembles, usually contrasting in style, and often complimentary in performing difficulty.

Each set of the Incredibly Useful Ensemble Series is able to be used by musicians from level 1 to 2 or equivalent to the Brolga Music Elementary and Young Band and Orchestra Series.

Recommended retail price for each set - $44.00

Incredibly Useful Ensemble Series
Set 1
The Minstrel Boy (arr. Collins)
MacDonald Goes Jazz (arr. West)
Set 2
Botany Bay (arr. Hultgren)

Rock My Soul (arr. Collins)
Set 3
Rondo (West)

Rockin’ (Hogg)
Set 4
Serious Song (West)

Jingle Bells (arr. Hultgren)
Set 5
Swingin’ (Hogg)

Camptown Races (arr. Hultgren)


Aussie Band
The Concert Curriculum For Band
The Aussie Band Concert Curriculum is designed to help the Director take their band through the first year of concert performance by providing three complete concert repertoires.
The music has been written to provide concert pieces that are accessible to the young musicians with the conductor or performers not having to read masses of diagrams, charts and explanations. The technical and musical demands are method book inclusive. A pre-publication survey ascertained that the materials used are found within the parameters of the most common method books in school.

This is not a method book replacement. The Aussie Band Concert Curriculum has been developed to enhance and extend the method book of your choice to the concert stage.

Recommended retail price - $130.00

Aussie Band
The Concert Curriculum for Band

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